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We design and manufacture all of our tools in our company owned facilities.  We do not source or contract out production to other manufacturers.  This gives us complete control in design and quality.  The manufacturing processes used in the production of our fastener driving tools are regarded to be some of the best in the world today:


  • Consistent dimensional accuracy through CNC machining
  • State-of-the-art proprietary heat treatment processes
  • Superior quality materials including S2 modified steel
  • Diligent testing and quality control


These features result in the most proven durable fastener driving tools on the market.  Reduced cam out and extended service life are the benefits consistently experienced by our end users.

Our products meet ANSI or ISO specifications where applicable. 


Machining Advantages

Machining is the most precise manufacturing method for managing tolerances, resulting in less bit wear and cam out due to achieving a precise fastener fit.  Forging does not allow for the sharp corners and angles necessary for the most precise fastener fit.


Machine advantage


To meet the requirements of our distributors’ end customers, Vega offers driver bits that are licensed to use these well know trademarks:

license images

TORX®, TORXplus®,TORX® ALIGN, TORX® TAMPER, TORQ-SET®, MORTORQ®, MORTORQ® SUPER, POZI-DRIV®, TRI-WING®, PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV®, and ACR®. All licensed bits are manufactured in strict compliance to the dimensional specifications of the licensing companies.

TORX®, TORXplus®, TORXALIGN® and TORX® TAMPER are registered trademarks of CAMCAR Innovations®.
TORQ-SET®, MORTORQ®, MORTORQ® SUPER, POZI-DRIV®, TRI-WING®, PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV®, and ACR® are registered trademark of the Phillips Screw Co.