TORX Flag Drivers

  • Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability.
  • Flag shaped wing with thumb stop.
  • Top spinner knob for easy control and smooth turning.
Grouped product items
Part Number Tip Size ∅D L1 L2
FDT06S 6 2.5mm 35mm 20mm
FDT07S 7 2.5mm 35mm 20mm
FDT08S 8 2.5mm 35mm 20mm
FDT09M 9 3.5mm 40mm 25mm
FDT10M 10 3.5mm 40mm 25mm
FDT15M 15 3.5mm 40mm 25mm
FDT20M 20 4mm 40mm 25mm
  • - Diamond Tip
  • - Stainless Steel
  • - Titanium Nitride
  • - Extra Hard